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Authorization Services

Preparing & processing authorizations to ensure legal compliance & access to essential documents for your cases.

Subpoena Preparation

Accurate and timely preparation of subpoenas, streamlining the legal process and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Service of Process

Reliable and professional service of legal documents, delivering crucial notifications promptly and adhering to legal protocols.

Record Retrieval

Efficiently retrieve and duplicate medical records, ensuring vital healthcare information is readily available for legal purposes.

Document Scanning

Transform paper documents into digital formats, enhancing accessibility and organization for legal professionals.

Document Printing

High quality, rapid document printing of legal materials, ensuring clarity and professionalism in all of your presentations.

Court Filings

Effortless court filing services, including electronic filing, through eFile and in person to facilitate smooth legal proceedings.

X-Ray Solutions

Precision duplication and digitization of X-rays, and other radiologic films ensuring clear medical imaging for legal analysis.

Microfilm & Microfiche

Convert microfilm and microfiche into paper copies or accessible PDFs for a comprehensive document management solution.

Litigation Support

Comprehensive support services tailored to legal professionals, enhancing case preparation and organization for your trials.

IME Interfacing

We Interface with Independent Medical Examiners (IMEs) and prepare documents efficiently for medical evaluations.

In-House & On-Site

Efficient in-house and on-site document photocopying services, ensuring fast access to medical files and essential materials.

CD & DVD Duplication

Expert duplication and conversion of CDs and DVDs into other digital formats for easy sharing and convenient legal referencing.

Video Tape Digitizing

Preserve and convert video tapes into DVDs and other digital formats facilitating legal video evidence and comprehensive presentation.

Digital File Conversion

Seamlessly convert digital files to various other formats to enhance compatibility and accessibility across multiple programs.

Document Management

Comprehensive document management solutions, ensuring secure storage, retrieval, and organization of legal documents.

Large Format Solutions

Efficiently convert large format drafts and blueprints into digital PDFs or paper copies, aiding our legal professionals.

Client Portal

Secure online portal for convenient access to medical records and legal documents helps to enhance your collaboration and efficiency.

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Client Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is important to us and we do our best to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Professional Staff

Our friendly and helpful staff is dedicated to satisfying all of our client’s needs with professionalism and expertise.

Reliable Service

Our commitment to reliability means our clients can confidently place their trust in us to complete their assignments.

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